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Technical R & D Engineer 2people No.31, Dawang Yingbin Avenue, high tech Zone, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province More


    Job responsibilities:

    1, responsible for the company's new product development plan, to achieve the company's products research and development goal, complete product development and evaluation test of similar products on the market.

    2, responsible for new product related technology, process documents and inspection standards.

    3, responsible for new product design review in the process of design, technical authentication and technical confirmation.

    4, responsible for collecting technical data at home and abroad.

    5, responsible for technology training and mentoring.

    Job requirements:

    1, master's degree or above, Dr. Preferred; Forest chemical, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry.

    2, integrity, pragmatic, teamwork, innovation spirit, good professional ethics, analysis ability, rigorous spirit of fact data, communication and coordination ability.

    Note: need long administrative office in a factory in zhaoqing factory

    Salary: 7000-12000 yuan/month, five social insurance and one housing fund, performance bonus, paid annual leave, regular physical examination, the bag eats live, festive welfare

    Recruiter:Miss Tan        TEL:020-87227858转8016

    FAX:020-87228011     E-mail:

    If you are interested, please send your resume to the above email address, or search KOMO on the recruitment platforms such as 51job, Liepin, Nanfang talent and e-school recruitment. You are welcome to join us.

The technician 2people Zhaoqing high-tech zone big prosperous yingbin avenue, 31 More


    Job responsibilities:

    1, make work plan;

    2, be responsible for the implementation of experiment scheme;

    3, responsible for data collection, analysis, writing test report.


    1, bachelor degree or above, more than 1 years work experience, chemical engineering professional, understand the basic principles of chemical reaction;

    2, familiar with computer operation;

    3, have team work spirit.

    Salary: 4000-5000 yuan/month, five social insurance and one housing fund, performance bonus, paid annual leave, the bag eats live, holiday welfare

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