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Awesome! Our Trial Production Team

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- remember mau new product trial production experiences, guangxi

Product upgrades, has been a leading peer branch mau products a major artifact, product quality is steady, to provide customers with satisfactory products and service in one of the effective ways. New products from r&d to trial-produce, again from the trials to finalize the design product, after all the research and development personnel and production line staff's joint effort, overcome difficult, the final product to be successful on the market.

Guangxi branch alum as mau group of emerging factory, process equipment condition is relatively perfect, naturally became the new product trial production for factory. Guangxi mau started on August 19, the pilot production of a new product, after 7 batches production debugging, finally solve the three problems of the production process, and the success of the stable product quality, won the customer's approval.

According to the normal analysis, pinus massoniana and wetland rosin distillation process should be similar, but in fact, there are essential difference of wetlands with pinus massoniana rosin. Two different purity, distillation end point control, final product yield is different also. Therefore, we made clear the development needs to solve three topics: 1, water Bai Xiang color standards; 2, improve product yield; 3, filtering to solve difficult problems.

Pilot run is not plain sailing, guangxi branch through successive batches of debugging unceasingly, ultimately determine the distillation of the reasonable process parameters, product color mark can be ensured and the product yield and stability control in the range, solved the predetermined two topics.

Another topic, how to solve the product filtration difficult? Through theoretical analysis, find out the causes of the filtration difficult, and the disposal measures to try to find the reasonable filter eventually solved the difficult problem. Much of guangxi branch mau preproduction team!

Through this new product trial manufacturing experience, we deeply feel the importance of team work, need the whole process of tracking, not silk hao the effect, at the same time to combine theory with practice and less detours, and timely summary analysis, let the experience to pass or copy.

Recently, Liu Wenkai  guidance trial-produce, equally successful, illustrate the product production process maturity.

Finally, guangxi branch mau employee wants to give full play to its advantages, committed, to make due contribution to the development of the company!