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KOMO Has Renewed ISO9001 And ISO14001 Certifications

The ISO9001 Quality Management System is a globally recognized standard proving that our company can consistently and reliably provide qualified and satisfactory products to customers. Similarly, the ISO14001 Environmental Management System confirms that our company adheres to international environmental management standards, ensuring effective control of pollutants across all processes, products, and activities.

Following a comprehensive and meticulous audit by ISO experts, Guangdong Komo Co., Ltd. successfully passed the re-certification for both ISO9001 and ISO1400 on May 26.


Picture 1: ISO9001 Applicable to Design, Production and Sales of Rosin Resin


Picture 2: ISO14001 Applicable to Design, Production and Sales of Rosin Resin

The successful renewal of the two ISO certifications is an acknowledgement to KOMO's commitment to standardized management practices. Moving forward, KOMO will continue to enhance the effectiveness of its management systems to deliver superior products and services to its customers.