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Komotac Resin Packaging Change Notification

Dear Valued Customer,


Thank you for your support of KOMOTAC RESIN. As Guangdong Komo Co., Ltd. unveils a refreshed logo, we are pleased to announce an update to our 25kg composite kraft paper packaging bags. Featuring Komo’s brand colors of red and blue, the new packaging will be in use starting from July 1, 2024. Please note that during the transition period, both the new and old packaging may coexist until the stock of old bags is fully depleted.


We assure you that this update only involves the external design of our packaging and will not impact the manufacturing process, performance, or quality of our products.


Thank you again for your support and understanding. We will continue to provide high-quality products and services, leveraging the advantages of our products being bio-based, renewable, and easily degradable, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability.


Best Regards,

Guangdong Komo Co., Ltd.


Old 25kg Packaging


New 25kg Packaging